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Revelation 17:1Revelation 17:6


5. Babylon the Great and Her Destruction

a. The Religious Aspect

(1) The Great Harlot

1 And one of the aseven angels who had the bseven bowls came and spoke with me, saying, cCome here; I will show you the 1djudgment of the 2great 3harlot who sits upon the emany waters,

2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed 1afornication, and those who bdwell on the earth have been made cdrunk with the 2wine of her fornication.

3 And he acarried me away in 1bspirit into a 2wilderness; and I saw a cwoman sitting upon a 3scarlet 4dbeast, full of enames of 5blasphemy, having 6fseven heads and gten horns.

4 And the woman was aclothed in 1purple and 2scarlet, and gilded with 3gold and precious stone and pearls, having in her hand a 4bgolden cup full of cabominations 5and the dunclean things of her fornication.

5 And on her aforehead there was a name written, 1bMYSTERY, cBabylon The Great, The 2MOTHER Of The HARLOTS And The 3ABOMINATIONS Of The EARTH.

6 And I saw the woman 1drunk with the ablood of the saints and with the blood of the 2bwitnesses of Jesus. And I marveled with great marvel when I saw her.