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Revelation 14:1Revelation 14:5


3. Three Reapings

a. The Firstfruits of the Believers
before the Great Tribulation

1 And I saw, and behold, the aLamb standing on Mount 1bZion, and with Him a 2chundred and forty-four thousand, having 3His dname and the ename of His Father written on their foreheads.

2 And I heard a voice out of heaven like the sound of 1many awaters and like the sound of 2loud bthunder; and the voice which I heard was like the sound of 3harp-singers playing on their charps.

3 And they asing a bnew song before the throne and before the cfour living creatures and the delders; and 1no one could learn the song except the hundred and forty-four thousand, who have been epurchased 2from the earth.

4 These are they who have not been defiled with women, for they are 1avirgins. These are they who bfollow the Lamb wherever He may go. These were purchased from among men as 2cfirstfruits to God and to the Lamb.

5 And in their mouth 1ano lie was found; they are 2bwithout blemish.