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Revelation 2:12Revelation 2:17

C. The Church in Pergamos --
The Church Married to the World

12 And to the messenger of the church in 1Pergamos write: These things says He who has the asharp two-edged sword:

13 I know where you dwell, where 1aSatan's throne is; and you hold fast My 2bname and have cnot denied dMy 2faith, even in the days of 3Antipas, My ewitness, My ffaithful one, who was gkilled among you, where hSatan dwells.

14 But I have a few things aagainst you, that you have some there who hold the 1bteaching of 2cBalaam, who taught Balak to put a stumbling block before the sons of Israel, to eat 3didol sacrifices and to commit 3efornication.

15 In the same way you also have some who hold in like manner the 1ateaching of the 2bNicolaitans.

16 aRepent therefore; but if not, I am 1bcoming to you quickly, and I will make war with them with the csword of My mouth.

17 He who has an aear, let him hear what the bSpirit says to the churches. To him who 1covercomes, to him I will give of the 2dhidden emanna, and to him I will give a white 3fstone, and upon the stone a 4gnew name written, which hno one knows except him who receives it.