The New Testament
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Jude 1:20Jude 1:23

VI. Charges to the Believers

A. To Build Up Themselves
upon the Most Holy Faith
and to Live in the Triune God

20 But you, beloved, abuilding up yourselves 1upon your most holy 2faith, praying in the Holy bSpirit,

21 1Keep yourselves in the alove of God, bawaiting the 2mercy of our 3Lord Jesus Christ 4unto ceternal life.

B. To Care for Others with Mercy in Fear

22 And 1on some have mercy, on those who are 2wavering;

23 aSave them by 1bsnatching them out of the 2fire. On others have mercy 3in cfear, hating even the inner garment dspotted from the eflesh.