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Jude 1:8Jude 1:19

V. The Evils of the Apostates and
Their Punishment under the Lord's Judgment

8 Nevertheless in like manner 1these dreamers also adefile the flesh and despise 2lordship and revile 3dignities.

9 But 1aMichael the barchangel, when he contended with the cdevil and disputed concerning the 2body of Moses, 3did not dare to bring a dreviling judgment against him but said, The Lord erebuke you.

10 But 1these revile the things that they do not 2know; and the things that they 2understand 3naturally, like 4aanimals 5without reason, 6in these they are being 7corrupted.

11 aWoe to them! For they have gone in the 1way of bCain and have 2rushed out in the 3error of cBalaam for reward and have 4dperished in the 5rebellion of Korah.

12 These are the 1hidden reefs in your 2love feasts, afeasting together with you without fear, 3bshepherding themselves; 4cwaterless clouds being carried off by dwinds; 5autumn trees ewithout fruit, having died twice, frooted up;

13 1Wild awaves of the sea, foaming out their own bshames; 2wandering stars, for whom the cgloom of darkness is kept for eternity.

14 And aEnoch, the seventh from Adam, bprophesied also of these, saying, Behold, the Lord 1ccame 2with 3myriads of His saints

15 To execute 1judgment against all and to convict all the aungodly concerning all their ungodly works which they have done in ungodliness, and concerning all the hard things which ungodly sinners have bspoken against Him.

16 These are amurmurers, complainers, going on according to their own blusts; and their mouth speaks cgreat swelling things, dflattering 1persons for the sake of eadvantage.

17 But you, beloved, aremember the words spoken before by the bapostles of our Lord Jesus Christ,

18 That they said to you, In the 1alast time there will be bmockers, going on according to their own clusts for dungodliness.

19 These are those who make adivisions, 1bsoulish, having no 2spirit.