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2 Peter 3:12 Peter 3:9


D. God's Judgment on the Heretical Mockers

1 This second letter, beloved, I now write to you; in them both I astir up your sincere mind with a breminder,

2 So that you would aremember the 1bwords spoken before by the holy cprophets and the commandment of the Lord and Savior preached by your dapostles;

3 Knowing this first, that in the 1alast of days 2bmockers will come with mocking, going on according to their own clusts

4 And saying, aWhere is the 1bpromise of His 2ccoming? For since the dfathers fell easleep, all things continue in this way from the fbeginning of gcreation.

5 For 1this escapes them by their own choosing, that by the 2aword of God the 3bheavens cwere of old and the 3earth was 4compacted out of water and through dwater,

6 Through 1which the 2aworld 3then, being 4bflooded with water, 5cperished.

7 But the aheavens and the earth 1now, by the 2same bword, have been cstored up for 3dfire, being ekept unto the fday of 4judgment and 5gdestruction of 6hungodly men.

8 But do not let this one thing 1escape you, beloved, that with the Lord 2one day is like a thousand years and a athousand years like one day.

9 The Lord 1does not adelay regarding the bpromise, as 2some count 3cdelay, but is 4dlong-suffering toward you, not intending that any 5eperish but that 6fall advance to 7grepentance.