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2 Peter 2:42 Peter 2:9

B. God's Judgment on Both Angels and Men

4 For if God did not spare the 1aangels who sinned but delivered them to gloomy bpits, having cast them down to 2Tartarus, they being ckept 3for 4judgment;

5 And did not spare the ancient aworld but guarded bNoah, a herald of 1crighteousness, with seven others, when He brought a flood upon the world of the dungodly;

6 And having reduced to ashes the cities of aSodom and Gomorrah, condemned them to 1ruin, having set them as an bexample to those who intend to 2live an ungodly life,

7 And rescued righteous aLot, who had been oppressed by the blicentious 1manner of life of the 2lawless

8 (For that righteous man, who settled down among them, in seeing and hearing atormented his righteous soul day after day with their lawless works);

9 The Lord knows how to deliver the 1godly out of atrial and how to bkeep the 2unrighteous under punishment 3for the 4cday of 5judgment,