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2 Peter 1:52 Peter 1:11

2. Growth and Development by Life
unto the Rich Entrance into the Eternal Kingdom

5 And for this very reason also, 1adding all adiligence, 2supply bountifully in your 3bfaith 4cvirtue; and in virtue, 5dknowledge;

6 And in knowledge, 1aself-control; and in self-control, 2bendurance; and in endurance, 3cgodliness;

7 And in godliness, 1abrotherly love; and in brotherly love, 2blove.

8 For 1these things, 2existing in you and 3abounding, 4constitute you neither 5idle nor 6aunfruitful 7unto the full 8bknowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

9 For he in whom 1these things are not present is ablind, being 2shortsighted, 3having forgotten the bcleansing of his past sins.

10 1Therefore, brothers, be the more adiligent to 2make your bcalling and cselection dfirm, for doing 3these things you shall by no means ever estumble.

11 For in this way the aentrance into the 1eternal bkingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be richly and cbountifully 2supplied to you.