The New Testament
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1 Peter 5:11 Peter 5:4


V. The Elders' Shepherding
and Its Reward

A. The Shepherding Patterns

1 1Therefore the 2aelders among you I exhort, who am a 3fellow elder and 4bwitness of the sufferings of Christ, who am also a 5partaker of the cglory to be revealed:

2 1aShepherd the 2bflock of God among you, 3coverseeing not under compulsion but dwillingly, 4according to God; not by eseeking gain through base means but eagerly;

3 Nor as 1alording it over your 2allotments but by 3becoming bpatterns of the 4flock.

B. The Chief Shepherd's Reward

4 And when the Chief aShepherd is manifested, you will receive the 1bunfading ccrown of glory.