The New Testament
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1 Peter 2:211 Peter 2:25

4. The Model of Christ

21 For to 1this you were acalled, because Christ also bsuffered on your behalf, leaving you a 2cmodel so that you may follow in His steps;

22 Who committed no asin, nor was guile found in His bmouth;

23 Who being reviled did anot revile in return; suffering, He did not threaten but kept committing 1all to Him who 2bjudges righteously;

24 Who Himself 1abore up our sins in His bbody on the 2ctree, in order that we, 3having ddied to sins, might 4elive 5to righteousness; by whose 6fbruise you were 7healed.

25 For you were like asheep being led astray, but you have now 1returned to the 2bShepherd and cOverseer of your 3dsouls.