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1 Peter 2:111 Peter 4:19

IV. The Christian Life and Its Sufferings

A. A Life in an Excellent Manner
toward All Men in All Concerns

1. As Sojourners among the Gentiles

11 Beloved, I entreat you as astrangers and bsojourners to cabstain from 1dfleshly lusts, which ewar against the 1fsoul,

12 Having your 1amanner of life 2bexcellent among the Gentiles, so that in the matter concerning which they cspeak against you as evildoers they may, by your dgood works, as they see them with their own eyes, eglorify God in the day of His 3fvisitation.

2. Toward Human Institutions

13 1Be asubject to every human 2institution 3for the Lord's sake, whether to a bking as being supreme,

14 Or to governors as being sent by him for avengeance on evildoers and praise of those who do bgood.

15 For so is the awill of God, that by doing good you would muzzle the bignorance of 1foolish men;

16 As afree, and yet bnot having freedom as a covering for evil, but as cslaves of God.

17 aHonor all men. bLove the 1brotherhood. cFear God. Honor the dking.

3. Servants toward Masters

18 Household aservants, be subject in all 1bfear to your masters, not only to the good and forbearing but also to the crooked.

19 For this is 1grace, if anyone, 2because of a aconsciousness of God, bears sorrows by suffering 3unjustly.

20 For what 1glory is it if, while sinning and being buffeted, you endure? But if, while doing good and asuffering, you endure, this is grace with God.

4. The Model of Christ

21 For to 1this you were acalled, because Christ also bsuffered on your behalf, leaving you a 2cmodel so that you may follow in His steps;

22 Who committed no asin, nor was guile found in His bmouth;

23 Who being reviled did anot revile in return; suffering, He did not threaten but kept committing 1all to Him who 2bjudges righteously;

24 Who Himself 1abore up our sins in His bbody on the 2ctree, in order that we, 3having ddied to sins, might 4elive 5to righteousness; by whose 6fbruise you were 7healed.

25 For you were like asheep being led astray, but you have now 1returned to the 2bShepherd and cOverseer of your 3dsouls.


5. In Marriage Life

1 In 1like manner, awives, be subject to your own husbands, that even if any disobey the 2word, they will be gained without the 2word through the manner of life of their bwives,

2 Seeing with their own eyes your 1pure manner of life 2in 3afear.

3 Let your aadorning not be the outward 1plaiting of hair and putting on of bgold or clothing with garments,

4 But the 1hidden man of the aheart in the incorruptible adornment of a meek and quiet bspirit, which is very ccostly in the sight of God.

5 For in this manner formerly the holy women also, who ahoped in God, adorned themselves, being bsubject to their own husbands,

6 As Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him alord; whose children you have become, if you do good and do not bfear any 1terror.

7 aHusbands, in like manner dwell together with them 1according to knowledge, as with the 2weaker, female 3vessel, 4assigning bhonor to them as also to cfellow heirs of the 5grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered.

6. In Common Life

8 And finally be all of the asame mind, sympathetic, bloving the brothers, ctenderhearted, dhumble-minded;

9 Not rendering aevil for evil or breviling for reviling, but on the contrary 1cblessing one another, because you were dcalled 2to this, that you might inherit eblessing.

10 For a"he who desires to love life and see 1good days, let him cause his btongue to cease from evil and his lips to speak no guile.

11 And let him aturn away from evil and do good; let him bseek peace and pursue it;

12 For the aeyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His bears incline to their petition; but the cface of the Lord is against those who do evil.''

13 And who will harm you if you become zealous for what is agood?

B. Suffering for Righteousness
by the Will of God as Christ Did

14 But even if you asuffer because of brighteousness, you are cblessed. And do not be dafraid with fear from them, nor be etroubled,

15 But 1asanctify Christ as bLord in your hearts, being always ready for a defense to everyone who asks of you an account concerning the 2chope which is in you,

16 Yet with ameekness and 1bfear, having a good 2cconscience, so that in the matter in which you are dspoken against, those who erevile your good fmanner of life 3gin Christ may be put to hshame.

17 For it is better, if the awill of God should will it, to bsuffer for doing good than for doing evil.

18 For Christ also has suffered once for 1sins, the Righteous 2aon behalf of the unrighteous, that He might bring you bto God, on the one hand being put to death in the flesh, but on the other, made alive in the 3Spirit;

19 In 1which also He went and 2proclaimed to the 3spirits in 4prison,

20 1Who had formerly disobeyed when the long-suffering of God waited in the days of aNoah, while the ark was being prepared; entering into which, a few, that is, eight souls, were 2brought safely through 3by bwater.

21 1Which water, as the antitype, also now saves you, that is, 2baptism, 3not a putting away of the filth of the flesh but the 4appeal of a good aconscience unto God, through the bresurrection of Jesus Christ,

22 1Who is at the aright hand of God, having gone into bheaven, cangels and dauthorities and powers being esubjected to Him.


C. Arming Themselves
with the Mind of Christ for Suffering

1 Since Christ therefore has asuffered in the flesh, you also 2barm yourselves with the 3same mind (because he who has 4suffered in the flesh has ceased from csin),

2 1aNo longer to blive the rest of the time in the flesh in the clusts of men, but in the dwill of God.

3 For the time which has passed is asufficient for you to have carried out the 1desire of the bGentiles, having gone on 2in licentiousness, lusts, debaucheries, carousings, drinking bouts, and lawless idolatries.

4 In this they think it 1strange that you are not 2running together with them into the same 3flood of adissoluteness, 4slandering you;

5 1Who will 2arender an account to bHim who is ready to 3judge the living and the dead.

6 For unto this end the gospel was announced also to 1those who are now dead, that they might be 2ajudged in the flesh according to men but live in the 3spirit according to God.

D. As Good Stewards of the Varied Grace of God

7 But the 1end of all things has drawn anear. Therefore 2be sober-minded and 3be bsober unto cprayers.

8 Above all, have afervent love among yourselves, because blove ccovers a multitude of sins.

9 Be ahospitable to one another without bmurmuring,

10 aEach one, as he has received a gift, 1ministering it among yourselves as good bstewards of the 2varied cgrace of God.

11 If anyone speaks, as speaking 1aoracles of God; if anyone ministers, as ministering out of the strength which God 2bsupplies; that in all things God may be cglorified 3through Jesus Christ, dto whom is the 4glory and the might forever and ever. Amen.

E. Rejoicing in Sharing the Sufferings of Christ

12 Beloved, do not think that the 1afiery ordeal among you, coming to you for a 2btrial, is 3strange, as if it were a 3strange thing happening to you;

13 But inasmuch as you share in the asufferings of Christ, brejoice, so that also at the crevelation of His glory you may rejoice dexultingly.

14 If you are areproached in the 1name of bChrist, you are cblessed, because 2the Spirit of glory and of God 3rests upon you.

15 For let none of you asuffer as a murderer or a thief or an evildoer or as a 1bmeddler into others' affairs;

16 But if as a 1aChristian, let him not be bashamed, but let him 2cglorify God in this name.

17 For it is time for the 1ajudgment to bbegin from the 2house of God; and if cfirst from us, 3what will be the end of those who 4ddisobey the gospel of God?

18 And if the 1righteous man is 2saved only with difficulty, where will the aungodly and the sinner 3appear?

19 So then let those 1also who asuffer according to the 2bwill of God 3ccommit their 4souls in 5dwell-doing to a faithful 6eCreator.