The New Testament
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Table of Contents

1 Peter 1:31 Peter 1:9

II. The Full Salvation of the Triune God
and Its Issues

A. The Father's Regeneration --
Unto a Living Hope,
an Inheritance Kept in the Heavens and
Ready to Be Revealed at the Last Time

3 1aBlessed be the 2God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great 3bmercy has 4cregenerated us 5unto a 6living dhope 7through the eresurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,

4 1Unto an 2ainheritance, 3incorruptible and undefiled and bunfading, 4ckept in the heavens for you,

5 Who are being 1aguarded 2by the power of God 3through faith 4unto a 5salvation ready to be brevealed at the 6clast time;

6 In which 1time you aexult, though for a blittle while at present, if it must be, you have been made sorrowful by various 2ctrials,

7 So that the 1aproving of your faith, 2much more 3precious than of gold which perishes though it is bproved by fire, may be found 4unto cpraise and dglory and honor at the 5erevelation of Jesus Christ;

8 Whom having not aseen, you 1blove; 2into whom though not seeing Him at present, yet 3cbelieving, you dexult with 4joy that is unspeakable and 4full of glory,

9 1Receiving the end of your faith, the asalvation of your 2bsouls.