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James 5:7James 5:11

K. Awaiting the Lord's Coming
with Long-suffering

7 Therefore be 1long-suffering, abrothers, until the 2bcoming of the Lord. Behold, the farmer eagerly cawaits the precious fruit of the earth, exercising long-suffering over it until it receives the early and late drain.

8 You also be 1long-suffering; aestablish your hearts because the 2bcoming of the Lord has drawn cnear.

9 Do not 1complain, brothers, against aone another lest you be bjudged. Behold, the 2cJudge stands before the ddoors.

10 As an example, brothers, of 1suffering evil and of 2long-suffering, take the aprophets, who spoke 3in the bname of the Lord.

11 Behold, we call those who 1endured ablessed. You have heard of the endurance of bJob, and you have seen his cend from the Lord, that the Lord is very tenderhearted and dcompassionate.