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Hebrews 13:8Hebrews 13:15

B. Experiences of Christ

8 1Jesus Christ is the asame yesterday and today, yes, even forever.

9 Do not be acarried away by 1bvarious strange teachings, for it is good for the heart to be 2confirmed by cgrace, not by the 3dfood of sacrifices, by which those who walk were not profited.

10 We have an 1altar from which they who are serving the tabernacle have no right to aeat.

11 For the 1abodies of those animals whose bblood is brought into the Holy of Holies for sin by the high priest are burned up outside the camp.

12 Therefore also Jesus, that He might 1asanctify the people through His own 2bblood, suffered coutside the 3gate.

13 Let us therefore go forth aunto Him 1boutside the 2camp, bearing His creproach.

14 For we do not have here a 1aremaining city, but 2we bseek after the cone to come.

15 1Through Him then let us aoffer up a sacrifice of bpraise continually to God, that is, the cfruit of lips dconfessing His name.