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Philemon 1:17Philemon 1:22

III. A Brother Recommended for
the New Man's Acceptance

17 If then 1you hold me as a 2apartner, receive him as myself.

18 And if he has 1wronged you in anything or owes anything, charge that to 2my account.

19 I, Paul, have written with my aown hand: I will 1repay; not to say to you that you owe me even 2your own self besides.

20 Yes, abrother, may I have 1profit from you in the Lord; 2brefresh my 3inward parts in Christ.

21 Having aconfidence in your obedience, I have written to you, knowing that you will do even beyond the things that I say.

22 And at the same time also prepare me a alodging, for I 1hope that through your bprayers I will be 2graciously cgiven to you.