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Titus 2:9Titus 2:15

V. Charging the Slaves to Behave Well
in the Social System of Slavery

9 Exhort 1aslaves to be subject to their own masters in all things, to be well pleasing, not contradicting,

10 Not pilfering, but showing all good 1faithfulness that they may 2adorn the teaching of our 3aSavior God in all things.

11 1For the 2agrace of God, 3bringing salvation to ball men, has 4cappeared,

12 Training us that, denying 1aungodliness and 2bworldly lusts, we should live 3csoberly and 4drighteously and egodly in the fpresent age,

13 1aAwaiting the 2blessed hope, even the bappearing of the 3cglory of our 4great dGod and Savior, Jesus Christ,

14 Who agave Himself 1for us that He might 2bredeem us cfrom all lawlessness and dpurify to Himself a 3particular epeople as His unique possession, fzealous of good works.

15 1These things speak, and aexhort and 2bconvict with all 3cauthority. 4Let no one ddespise you.