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Titus 2:1Titus 2:8


IV. Bringing the Saints of Different Ages
into an Orderly Life

1 But you, speak the things which are fitting to the 1ahealthy teaching.

2 Exhort aolder men to be 1btemperate, 2cgrave, 3of a dsober mind, 4ehealthy in ffaith, in love, in gendurance;

3 aOlder women likewise to be in 1demeanor as bbefits those who engage in 2sacred things, 3not cslanderers, nor 4denslaved by much wine, 5teachers of what is egood,

4 That they may 1train the young women 2to love their husbands, to love their children,

5 To be of a asober mind, bpure, workers at chome, 1good, dsubject to their own husbands, that the 2eword of God would not be 3blasphemed.

6 The ayounger men likewise exhort to be of a bsober mind,

7 Concerning all things 1presenting yourself as a apattern of good works: in your teaching showing incorruption, 2bgravity,

8 aHealthy speech that cannot be 1condemned, that 2he who bopposes may be put to cshame, having 3nothing evil to say about us.