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Titus 1:10Titus 1:16

III. Dealing with the Influence
of Judaism and Gnosticism

10 For there are many aunruly men, bvain talkers and cdeceivers, especially 1dthose of the circumcision,

11 Whose mouths must be 1stopped, who overthrow whole ahouseholds, teaching bthings 2cfor the sake of base gain, which they ought not to do.

12 One from among 1themselves, a 2aprophet of their own, said, bCretans are always liars, evil beasts, idle 3gluttons.

13 This testimony is true; for which cause 1areprove them 2bseverely that they may be 3chealthy in the 4faith,

14 Not paying attention to Jewish 1amyths and the 2bcommandments of men who 3cturn away from the 4dtruth.

15 1All things are apure to the pure; yet to those who are 2defiled and unbelieving bnothing is pure, but both their 3cmind and their conscience are 2defiled.

16 They 1profess to know God, but by their works they adeny Him, being babominable and cdisobedient and, as to every good work, 2ddisapproved.