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Titus 1:1Titus 1:4


I. Introduction

1 Paul, a aslave of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ baccording to the 1cfaith of God's 2dchosen ones and the 3efull knowledge of the truth, which is 4faccording to godliness,

2 In the 1ahope of 2beternal life, which God, who ccannot lie, 3dpromised 4before the etimes of the ages

3 But in 1aits own times bmanifested 2His cword in the dproclamation with which I was eentrusted faccording to the 3command of our fSavior God;

4 To aTitus, genuine bchild caccording to the 1common faith: Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior.