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2 Timothy 3:12 Timothy 3:13


VI. The Worsening of the Decline --
Becoming Grievous Times of Deceiving

1 1But know this, that in the 2last days 3difficult atimes will come.

2 For 1men will be 2lovers of self, alovers of money, bboasters, 3arrogant, 4crevilers, bdisobedient to parents, 5unthankful, dunholy,

3 aWithout natural affection, 1implacable, bslanderers, cwithout self-control, savage, cnot lovers of good,

4 1aTraitors, 2reckless, 3bblinded with pride, 4lovers of cpleasure rather than dlovers of God,

5 Having an 1outward aform of bgodliness, though cdenying its 2power; from these also dturn away.

6 For of these are those who acreep into bhouses and take captive silly women heaped with sins, who are led by cvarious desires

7 And are always learning yet never able to come to the 1afull knowledge of the truth.

8 And in the manner that 1Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these also aoppose the 2btruth; men ccorrupted in mind, 3ddisapproved concerning the 4efaith.

9 But they will not aadvance farther, for their 1folly will be completely manifest to all, as also the folly of 2those became.

10 But you have aclosely followed my teaching, 1conduct, 2bpurpose, faith, long-suffering, love, endurance,

11 aPersecutions, sufferings, such as befell me in bAntioch, in cIconium, in 1dLystra. Such persecutions I bore, and out of them all the Lord edelivered me.

12 And indeed all who 1desire to 2live agodly in Christ Jesus will be bpersecuted.

13 But evil men and 1impostors will grow worse and worse, adeceiving and being deceived.