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2 Timothy 2:162 Timothy 2:26

V. The Spreading of the Decline --
Like That of Gangrene

16 But aavoid 1bprofane, cvain babblings, for they will advance to more 2dungodliness,

17 And their word will 1spread like 2gangrene, of whom are aHymenaeus and Philetus,

18 Who concerning the 1atruth have 2bmisaimed, saying that the cresurrection has 3already taken place, and overthrow the 4dfaith of some.

19 However the firm 1afoundation of God stands, having this 2bseal, The Lord cknows those who are His, and, Let everyone who dnames the name of the Lord depart from unrighteousness.

20 1But in a 2great house there are not only 3gold and silver vessels but also 4wooden and earthen; and some are unto ahonor, and some unto dishonor.

21 If therefore anyone 1cleanses himself from 2athese, he will be a bvessel 3unto honor, csanctified, duseful to the master, eprepared unto every good work.

22 But aflee youthful 1lusts, and bpursue 2righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who 3ccall on the Lord out of a 4dpure heart.

23 But 1afoolish bquestionings and those arising from an 2untrained mind refuse, knowing that they beget contentions.

24 But a aslave of the Lord ought bnot to contend but be gentle toward all, apt to cteach, bearing with wrong;

25 In ameekness correcting those who boppose, if perhaps God may give them 1crepentance unto the 2dfull knowledge of the truth,

26 And they may 1areturn to soberness out of the 2bsnare of the 3devil, having been caught alive by him, unto 4cHis will.