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1 Timothy 6:111 Timothy 6:21

XIII. A Man of God

11 But you, O 1aman of God, bflee these things, and cpursue 2drighteousness, 3egodliness, 4ffaith, 5love, 6endurance, 7meekness.

12 1aFight the good fight of the bfaith; lay chold on the 2eternal life, 3to which you were dcalled and have 4econfessed the good confession before many fwitnesses.

13 I acharge you before God, who preserves all things in life, and Christ Jesus, who btestified the good confession before cPontius Pilate,

14 To keep 1the commandment spotless, awithout reproach, until the 2bappearing of our Lord Jesus Christ,

15 1Which in aits own times 2the bblessed and conly Sovereign will show, the dKing of those who reign as kings and eLord of those who rule as lords,

16 Who alone has aimmortality, dwelling in unapproachable blight, whom cno man has seen nor can see, to whom be dhonor and eternal emight. Amen.

17 aCharge those who are rich in the bpresent age not to be chigh-minded, nor to set their dhope on the euncertainty of riches but on God, who faffords us all things grichly for our enjoyment;

18 To do 1agood, to be 2brich in good works, to be ready to cdistribute, to be ones willing to share;

19 aLaying away for themselves a good bfoundation as a ctreasure for the 1future, that they may lay dhold on 2that which is really life.

20 O Timothy, aguard the 1deposit, bturning away from cprofane, dvain babblings and oppositions from 2what is falsely called knowledge,

XIV. Conclusion

21 Because of which some, professing this, have 1amisaimed regarding the bfaith. cGrace be with you.