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1 Timothy 6:11 Timothy 6:10


XII. Concerning Slaves
and Money Lovers

1 As many as are aslaves under the yoke should regard their own masters as worthy of all honor, lest the bname of God and 1our cteaching be 2blasphemed.

2 And those who have believing masters should not despise them, because they are abrothers; but rather they should 1serve them, because those who recompense them for the kindly service received are believers and beloved. These things bteach and cexhort.

3 If anyone teaches 1adifferent things and does not consent to 2bhealthy words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the teaching which is according to 3cgodliness,

4 He is 1ablinded with pride, understanding bnothing, but is 2diseased with cquestionings and dcontentions of words, out of which come eenvy, fstrife, 3slanders, evil suspicions,

5 1Perpetual wranglings of men acorrupted in mind and 2deprived of the 3truth, 4supposing bgodliness to be a means of cgain.

6 But agodliness with 1bcontentment is 2cgreat gain;

7 For 1we have brought anothing into the world, because bneither can we carry anything out.

8 But having afood and 1covering, with these we will be 2bcontent.

9 But those who 1intend to be arich fall into temptation and a bsnare and many foolish and harmful 2desires, which 3plunge men into 4destruction and ruin.

10 For the alove of money is 1a root of all evils, because of which some, 2aspiring after money, have 3been bled away from the 4cfaith and pierced themselves through with many pains.