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1 Timothy 5:171 Timothy 5:25

XI. Concerning the Elders

17 Let the aelders who btake the lead well be counted worthy of double 1honor, 2especially those who labor in 3word and teaching.

18 For the Scripture says, a"You shall not muzzle an ox that is treading out the grain,'' and, b"The workman is worthy of his pay.''

19 Against an elder do not 1receive an accusation, except based upon two or three awitnesses.

20 The ones who sin 1areprove bbefore 2all that the rest also may have fear.

21 I solemnly acharge you before God and Christ Jesus and the chosen 1angels that you keep these things without 2prejudice, doing nothing by way of 3partiality.

22 1aLay hands 2quickly on no man, nor bparticipate in others' sins; ckeep yourself pure.

23 1No longer drink water only, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent 2illnesses.

24 The 1sins of some men are openly 2manifest, going before to judgment; and for others, 3they 4also follow after.

25 Likewise also the 1good works are openly manifest, and those that are otherwise cannot be ahidden.