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1 Timothy 4:61 Timothy 4:16

IX. A Good Minister of Christ

6 If you lay these things before the brothers, you will be a good 1aminister of Christ Jesus, 2being nourished with the words of the 3bfaith and of the 4good teaching which you 5have cclosely followed.

7 But the 1aprofane and old-womanish 2bmyths 3refuse, and 4exercise yourself unto cgodliness.

8 For bodily exercise is profitable for 1a little, but agodliness is profitable for 2ball things, having 3promise of the present life and of that which is to come.

9 aFaithful is the word and worthy of all acceptance.

10 For to this end we alabor and strive, because we have set our bhope on the 1cliving God, who is the dSavior of eall men, fespecially of those who believe.

11 aCharge and bteach these things.

12 Let no one adespise your 1byouth, but be a cpattern to the believers in 2word, in conduct, in love, in faith, in 3dpurity.

13 Until I come, attend to the public 1areading, to the bexhortation, to the cteaching.

14 Do not neglect the 1agift which is 2in you, which was given to you by means of 3bprophecy with the 4claying on of the hands of the 5dpresbytery.

15 Practice these things; 1be in them, that your 2progress may be manifest to all.

16 1aTake heed to yourself and to your teaching; continue in these things; for in doing this you will save both byourself and cthose who hear you.