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1 Timothy 4:11 Timothy 4:5


VIII. The Prediction of the Decline
of the Church

1 1But the 2aSpirit says expressly that in 3later times some will bdepart from the 4cfaith, giving heed to 5deceiving dspirits and teachings of 6edemons

2 1By means of the ahypocrisy of men who speak blies, of men who are 2cbranded in their own conscience as with a 3hot iron,

3 Who forbid 1amarriage and command babstaining from 1cfoods, which 2God has created to be partaken of with dthanksgiving by those who 3ebelieve and have 4ffull knowledge of the truth.

4 For 1every creature of God is agood, and nothing is to be rejected if received with thanksgiving;

5 For it is 1asanctified through the 2word of God and 3bintercession.