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1 Timothy 3:141 Timothy 3:16

VII. The Function of the Church --
The House of the Living God
and the Pillar and Base of the Truth

14 These things I write to you, hoping to come to you shortly.

15 But if I delay, I write that you may know 1how one ought to conduct himself in the 2ahouse of God, which is the bchurch of the 3cliving God, the 4dpillar and base of the 5etruth.

16 And 1confessedly, great is the 2amystery of bgodliness: 3He who was 4cmanifested in the dflesh, 5Justified in the Spirit, 6Seen by angels, 7Preached among the nations, 8Believed on in the world, 9Taken up in glory.