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1 Timothy 2:81 Timothy 2:15

V. The Normal Life in the Church

8 I desire therefore that men 1pray in every place, alifting up 2holy 3bhands, without 4wrath and 5creasoning;

9 Similarly, that women aadorn themselves in 1proper clothing with 2modesty and 3bsobriety, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly clothing,

10 But, what abefits women professing 1bgodly reverence, by good works.

11 Let a woman learn in 1aquietness in all 2bsubjection;

12 But I do not permit a awoman to 1teach or to assert authority over a man, but to be in 2quietness.

13 For 1Adam was 2formed first, then Eve;

14 And 1Adam was not deceived; but the 2woman, having been quite adeceived, has fallen into transgression.

15 But she will be saved through her 1childbearing, if they remain in 2afaith and love and bholiness with csobriety.