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1 Thessalonians 4:11 Thessalonians 4:12


E. Its Exhortation

1. Sanctification versus Fornication

1 Furthermore, brothers, we ask and aexhort you in the Lord Jesus that even as you received from us how you ought to walk and bplease God, even as indeed you do walk, that you cabound still more.

2 For you know what acharges we gave you through the Lord Jesus.

3 For this is the awill of God, your 1bsanctification: that you cabstain from 2dfornication;

4 That each one of you know how to 1possess his aown 2vessel in 3sanctification and bhonor,

5 Not in the apassion of lust, like the bGentiles who do 1cnot know God;

6 That no one 1overstep and 2take advantage of his brother in 3the matter, because the Lord is the 4aavenger concerning all 5these things, even as we also said before to you and solemnly charged.

7 For God has not acalled us 1for 2buncleanness but 3in 4csanctification.

8 1Consequently, he who 2rejects, rejects not man but God, who also gives His 3aHoly Spirit to you.

2. Brotherly Love

9 Now concerning 1brotherly alove, you have no need for me to bwrite to you, for you yourselves are ctaught of God to 2dlove one another;

10 For you also do this unto all the brothers in the whole of aMacedonia. But we bexhort you, brothers, to cabound still more

3. A Becoming Walk

11 And to aspire to be aquiet and attend to your own affairs and work with your bhands, even as we ccharged you,

12 That you may walk abecomingly toward those boutside and may have cneed of nothing.