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Philippians 2:12Philippians 2:16

C. Working Out Our Salvation
to Hold Forth Christ

12 1So then, my beloved, even as you have always 2obeyed, not as in my presence only but now much rather in my absence, 3work out your own 4asalvation with 5bfear and trembling;

13 1For it is 2God who 3aoperates in you both the 4willing and the 5working for His 6bgood pleasure.

14 Do all things without 1amurmurings and breasonings

15 That you may be ablameless and 1guileless, 2children of God 3bwithout blemish in the midst of a ccrooked and 4perverted generation, among whom you shine as 5dluminaries in the 6world,

16 1Holding forth the 2aword of life, so that I may have a 3bboast in the 4cday of Christ that I did not drun in vain nor elabor in vain.