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Philippians 2:5Philippians 2:11

B. Taking Christ as the Pattern

5 1Let athis mind be in you, which was also in 2Christ Jesus,

6 Who, 1aexisting in the 2bform of God, did 3not consider being cequal with God a treasure to be grasped,

7 But 1aemptied Himself, taking the 2form of a bslave, 3cbecoming in the 4likeness of men;

8 And 1being found in 2fashion as a man, He 3humbled Himself, becoming aobedient even unto death, and that the 4death of a bcross.

9 Therefore also God highly 1aexalted Him and 2bestowed on Him the 3name which is babove every name,

10 That 1in the name of Jesus aevery knee should 2bow, of those who are 3in bheaven and 4on earth and 5under the earth,

11 And every tongue should 1openly confess that Jesus Christ is 2aLord 3to the bglory of God the Father.