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Philippians 2:1Philippians 2:4


III. Taking Christ as the Pattern and
Holding Him Forth

A. Joined in Soul, Thinking the One Thing

1 1If there is therefore any encouragement in Christ, if any 2aconsolation of love, if any bfellowship of spirit, if any 3ctenderheartedness and dcompassions,

2 1Make my 2ajoy full, that you 3bthink the same thing, having the 4same love, 5cjoined in soul, 3thinking 6the one thing,

3 1Doing nothing by way of 2aselfish ambition nor by way of bvainglory, but in 3clowliness of 4mind considering one another more excellent than yourselves;

4 Not regarding each his own 1virtues, but each the 1virtues of others also.