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Philippians 1:27Philippians 1:30

C. Striving along with the Gospel with One Soul

27 Only, conduct yourselves in a manner aworthy of the bgospel of Christ, that whether coming and seeing you or being absent, I may hear of the things concerning you, that you cstand firm in one spirit, with 1done soul 2estriving together along with 3the faith of the gospel,

28 And in nothing being frightened by the opposers, which is to them a aproof of their 1bdestruction, but of your 2salvation, and that from God;

29 Because to you it has been graciously granted on behalf of Christ not only to believe 1into Him but also to 2asuffer on His behalf,

30 Having the same astruggle which you saw in 1me and now hear to be in me.