The New Testament
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Table of Contents

Ephesians 4:1Ephesians 4:6


III. The Living and Responsibility
Needed for the Church
in the Holy Spirit

A. The Living and Responsibility Needed
in the Body of Christ

1. The Keeping of the Oneness of the Spirit

1 I beseech you therefore, 1I, the 2aprisoner bin the Lord, to 3cwalk worthily of the dcalling with which you were ecalled,

2 With all 1alowliness and bmeekness, with clong-suffering, bearing one another in dlove,

3 Being diligent to 1keep the 2aoneness of the Spirit in the uniting 3bbond of cpeace:

4 1One aBody and one Spirit, even as also you were called in one 2bhope of your ccalling;

5 One 1aLord, one 2bfaith, one cbaptism;

6 One 1aGod and bFather of 2all, who is 3over all and through all and in all.