The New Testament
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Table of Contents

Ephesians 1:3Ephesians 1:6

II. The Blessings and Position
Received by the Church in Christ

A. God's Blessings to the Church

1. The Father's Selection and Predestination,
Speaking Forth God's Eternal Purpose

3 1aBlessed be the 2bGod and Father of 3our Lord Jesus Christ, who has 4blessed us 5with every 6spiritual 7blessing in the 8cheavenlies 9in Christ,

4 Even as He 1achose us in Him 2bbefore the foundation of the world to be 3choly and 4without blemish 5before Him 6in 7dlove,

5 1aPredestinating us unto 2bsonship 3through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the 4cgood pleasure of His dwill,

6 To the 1apraise of the 2bglory of His cgrace, with which He 3graced us in the 4dBeloved;