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Galatians 4:8Galatians 4:20

4. Christ Needing to Be Formed
in the Heirs of Promise

8 However at that time, anot knowing God, you were bslaves to the cgods which by 1nature are not gods;

9 But now, having come to aknow God, or rather having been bknown by God, how is it that you turn again to the cweak and poor delements, to which you desire to 1be eenslaved yet again?

10 You observe 1adays and 2months and 3seasons and 4years;

11 I fear for you, alest I have labored upon you in 1vain.

12 Become 1as I am, because I also am 2as you are, brothers, I beseech you; you have 3not wronged me at all.

13 And you know that 1because of weakness of my flesh I aannounced the gospel to you the first time.

14 And that which was a trial to you in my flesh you did not despise nor 1loathe, but you areceived me as an bangel of God, indeed as Christ Jesus.

15 Where then is 1your felicitation? For I testify concerning you that if possible you would have plucked out your 2eyes and given them to me.

16 So then have I become your enemy by presenting the atruth to you?

17 They are 1azealous of you, but 2not rightly; but they desire to 3shut you out that you may be 4zealous of them.

18 But it is always good to be zealous in a good thing, and 1not only awhen I am present with you.

19 My 1achildren, with whom I 2btravail again in birth until 3cChrist is 4formed din you,

20 Indeed, I wish I could be present with you now and 1change my 2tone because I am 3perplexed about you.