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Galatians Outline
Galatians 4:1 Galatians 4:7


3. The Spirit of Sonship
Replacing the Custody of the Law

1 But I say, As long as the aheir is a 1child, he does not differ at all from a bslave, though he is lord of all;

2 But he is aunder 1bguardians and cstewards until the 2dtime appointed by the father.

3 So also we, when we were children, were kept in aslavery under the 1belements of the world;

4 But when the 1fullness of the atime came, God bsent forth His cSon, born of a 2dwoman, born under 3elaw,

5 That He might 1aredeem those under law that we might receive the 2bsonship.

6 And because you are asons, God has bsent forth the 1cSpirit of His Son into our 2hearts, 3crying, 4dAbba, Father!

7 So then you are 1no longer a aslave but a son; and if a 2son, an 3bheir also 4through God.