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2 Corinthians 10:12 Corinthians 10:6


V. Paul's Vindication
of His Apostolic Authority

A. By the Way of His Warring

1 1But I myself, Paul, aentreat you through the 2bmeekness and 3gentleness of Christ, who (as you say) in cperson am 4dbase among you, but while absent am 5ebold toward you,

2 I beseech you that when apresent I would not have to be bbold in the confidence with which I count myself, to dare do to some who count us as ones who are walking caccording to flesh.

3 For though we walk 1in flesh, we do not awar according to flesh;

4 For the aweapons of our bwarfare are 1not fleshly but 2cpowerful before God for the doverthrowing of strongholds,

5 As we overthrow 1areasonings and every 2bhigh thing rising up against the knowledge of God, and take ccaptive every 1dthought unto the eobedience of Christ.

6 And we are ready to 1apunish all disobedience when your 2bobedience is fulfilled.