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2 Corinthians 9:12 Corinthians 9:5


C. Giving as a Blessing, Not as Covetousness

1 For concerning the aministry to the saints, it is superfluous for me to bwrite to you;

2 For I know your aeagerness, of which I bboast on your behalf to the Macedonians, that 1Achaia has been prepared since clast year; and your zeal has stirred up the greater number of them.

3 But I sent the abrothers that our boasting on your behalf might not be made void in this respect, that, as I said, you might be prepared;

4 Lest, if the aMacedonians come with me and find you unprepared, we, not to mention you, be put to shame in this 1bconfidence.

5 Therefore I thought it necessary to entreat the brothers to go before to you and make ready beforehand your previously promised 1ablessing, that thus this might be ready 2as a blessing and not 2as a matter of covetousness.