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2 Corinthians 2:122 Corinthians 2:17

II. The Ministry of the New Covenant

A. Its Triumph and Effect

12 1Furthermore, when I came to aTroas for the gospel of Christ and a bdoor was open to me 2in the Lord,

13 I had no rest in my 1aspirit, for I did not find bTitus my brother; but taking leave of them, I went forth into 2cMacedonia.

14 But athanks be to God, who always 1leads 2us in btriumph in 3the Christ and manifests the 4csavor of the dknowledge of Him through 5us in every place.

15 For we 1are a afragrance of Christ to God in those who are being bsaved and in those who are cperishing:

16 To some a asavor out of death 1unto bdeath, and to the others a savor out of life 1unto clife. And who is 2dsufficient for these things?

17 For we are not like the many, 1aadulterating the word of God for profit; but as out of bsincerity, but as out of God, before God we 2speak in Christ.