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1 Corinthians 15:291 Corinthians 15:34

D. The Moral Influence of Resurrection

29 1Otherwise what shall they who are 2baptized for the dead do? If the dead are actually anot raised, why then are they baptized for them?

30 Why also do we brave adanger every hour?

31 I protest by the 1aboasting in you, brothers, which I have 2in Christ Jesus our Lord, I 1bdie daily.

32 If 1after the manner of men I fought with 2wild beasts at aEphesus, what does it profit me? If the dead are bnot raised, 3let us ceat and drink, for tomorrow we die.

33 Do not be adeceived: 1Evil 2bcompanionships ccorrupt good morals.

34 1aAwake from the drunken stupor righteously and do not sin, for some of you 2are bignorant of God. I speak to your cshame.