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Acts 27:27Acts 27:44

c. The Ascendancy and Wisdom of Paul
in Contrast to the Baseness and Folly of the Sailors and Soldiers

27 But when the fourteenth night came, as we were being driven about in the Adriatic Sea, about the middle of the night the sailors suspected that some land was approaching them.

28 And they 1took soundings and found it to be twenty 2fathoms; and when they had gone a little farther, they sounded again and found it to be fifteen 2fathoms.

29 And afearing that we might run baground somewhere on 1rocky places, they threw four anchors from the stern and wished for day to come.

30 And when the sailors sought to flee from the ship, having lowered the asmall boat into the sea under pretense of intending to lay out anchors from the bow,

31 Paul said to the centurion and the soldiers, Unless these men remain in the ship, you cannot be saved.

32 Then the soldiers cut away the ropes of the small boat and let it fall away.

33 And until day was about to come, Paul encouraged them all to take some food, saying, Today is the fourteenth day that you have continued watching without food, taking nothing.

34 Therefore I encourage you to take some food, for this is for your salvation; for not a ahair from the head of any one of you shall perish.

35 And when he had said these things and had taken bread, he gave athanks to God before all; and he broke it and began to beat.

36 And all became acheerful, and they also took food.

37 Now we were in all two hundred and seventy-six souls in the ship.

38 And when they were satisfied with food, they began to lighten the ship, athrowing out the wheat into the sea.

39 And when day came, they could not recognize the land, but they noticed a certain bay, which had a beach, into which they took counsel to drive the ship, if they were able.

40 And casting off the anchors, they left them in the sea, at the same time loosening the bands of the rudders; and hoisting the foresail to the blowing of the wind, they held course for the beach.

41 But striking a sandbar with the sea on both sides, they ran the vessel aground; and the bow stuck fast and remained immovable, but the stern was abroken up by the violence of the waves.

42 And the counsel of the soldiers was that they should akill the prisoners, lest anyone swim away and escape;

43 But the centurion, 1intending to bring Paul safely through, prevented them from their intention and ordered those who were able to swim to throw themselves overboard first and get to the land,

44 And the rest to follow, some on planks, and others on some of the things from the ship. And so it happened that all were brought asafely through onto the land.