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Acts 25:9Acts 25:12

(3) Appealing to Caesar

9 But Festus, wanting to 1gain afavor with the Jews, answered Paul and said, Are you willing to go up to bJerusalem and be judged there before me concerning these things?

10 And Paul said, I am standing before Caesar's ajudgment seat, where I ought to be judged. I have done bnothing wrong to the Jews, as you also very well know.

11 If therefore I am doing wrong and have committed anything aworthy of death, I do not refuse to die; but if there is nothing to the things which these baccuse me of, no one can hand me over to them. I 1cappeal to 2Caesar.

12 Then when Festus had conferred with the 1council, he answered, To Caesar you have appealed; to Caesar you shall go.