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Acts 24:22Acts 24:27

(4) Kept in the Custody
of the Unjust and Corrupt Roman Politician

22 But Felix, knowing more accurately the things concerning the aWay, deferred them, saying, When Lysias the bcommander comes down, I will determine your affairs.

23 And he directed the centurion to akeep him in custody, and that he should have some bliberty and that no one should prevent his own people from attending to him.

24 But after some days, Felix arrived with 1Drusilla his wife, who was a Jewess, and he sent for Paul and heard him concerning the afaith in Christ Jesus.

25 And as he was 1reasoning concerning 2arighteousness and bself-control and the cjudgment to come, Felix became afraid and answered, Go for the present, and when I have an opportunity, I dwill call for you;

26 Hoping at the same time also that 1amoney would be given to him by Paul. Therefore he also sent for him more frequently and conversed with him.

27 And when 1two years were completed, Felix was succeeded by Porcius 2aFestus; and wanting to 3gain bfavor with the Jews, Felix cleft Paul dbound.