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Acts 24:10Acts 24:21

(3) Defending Himself before Felix

10 And when the governor nodded for him to speak, Paul answered: Knowing that for many years you have been a judge to this nation, I gladly make my 1adefense for the things concerning myself,

11 Since you can realize that it is not more than twelve days since I went up to aworship in bJerusalem.

12 And aneither in the btemple did they find me disputing with anyone nor stirring up a crowd, nor in the synagogues, nor throughout the city.

13 aNeither are they able to prove to you the things which they now accuse me of.

14 But I confess this to you, that according to the 1aWay, which they call a bsect, so I 2cserve the dGod of our fathers, believing all the things that are written in the eLaw and in the Prophets;

15 Having ahope toward God, which these themselves also look for, that there is to be a 1resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.

16 Because of this I also aexercise myself to always have a 1bconscience without offense toward God and men.

17 Now after amany years I came bringing balms to my cnation and offerings;

18 In which they found me 1purified in the temple, with no crowd or uproar. But certain Jews from aAsia,

19 Who should have been present before you and made aaccusation if they had anything against me --

20 Or else let these men themselves say what wrongdoing they found when I stood before the aSanhedrin,

21 Other than concerning this one sound which I cried out while standing among them, Concerning the aresurrection of the dead I am being judged today before you.