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Acts 18:23Acts 21:16

7. The Third Journey

a. To the Country of Galatia and Phrygia

23 And when he had spent some time there, he 1went off, passing through the country of aGalatia and Phrygia in order, bconfirming all the disciples.

b. To Ephesus Again

(1) The Ministry of Apollos

24 And a certain Jew named aApollos, a native of Alexandria, an eloquent man, arrived at Ephesus, and he was powerful in the Scriptures.

25 This man was instructed in the 1way of the Lord, and being afervent in spirit, he spoke and taught accurately the things concerning Jesus, though he knew 2only the bbaptism of John.

26 And this man began to speak boldly in the synagogue. And when Priscilla and aAquila heard him, they took him to themselves and expounded the bway of God to him more accurately.

27 And when he intended to pass through into Achaia, the brothers encouraged him and awrote to the disciples to welcome him; and when he arrived there, he helped much through 1bgrace those who had believed;

28 For he vigorously confuted the Jews publicly, showing by the aScriptures that Jesus was the bChrist.


(2) Filling Up the Deficiency in the Ministry of Apollos

1 Now while aApollos was in Corinth, Paul, having passed through the upper districts, came down to bEphesus and found some disciples,

2 And he said to them, Did you 1receive the Holy Spirit when you believed? And they said to him, On the contrary, we did 2anot even hear whether there is a Holy Spirit.

3 And he said, Into what then were you baptized? And they said, Into 1aJohn's baptism.

4 And Paul said, John baptized with a abaptism of repentance, telling the people that they should believe into the One coming bafter him, that is, into Jesus.

5 And when they heard this, they were baptized 1into the name of the Lord Jesus.

6 And when Paul 1alaid his hands on them, the Holy bSpirit came 2upon them, and they 3spoke in ctongues and dprophesied.

7 And there were in all about twelve men.

(3) The Ministry and Its Fruits --
The Lord's Word Growing and Prevailing

8 And he 1entered into the 2asynagogue and spoke boldly for three months, reasoning and bpersuading them in the things concerning the 3ckingdom of God.

9 But when some were hardened and would not be persuaded, aspeaking evil of the 1bWay before the multitude, he withdrew from them and separated the disciples, reasoning daily in the school of 2Tyrannus.

10 And this took place for atwo years, so that all those dwelling in bAsia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and cGreeks.

11 And God did 1works of power of no ordinary kind through the ahands of Paul,

12 So that even handkerchiefs or aprons were carried away from his 1abody to the sick, and their diseases left them, and the evil 2spirits bwent out.

13 But some of the Jewish aexorcists who also went about took it upon themselves to name over those who had evil spirits the bname of the Lord Jesus, saying, I adjure you by the Jesus whom Paul preaches.

14 And there were seven sons of a certain Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, doing this.

15 And the evil spirit answered and said to them, Jesus I know of, and with Paul I am acquainted; but who are you?

16 And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped upon them, subdued both of them, and overpowered them, so that they escaped out of that house naked and wounded.

17 And this became known to all, both Jews and Greeks, dwelling in Ephesus; and afear fell upon them all, and the bname of the Lord Jesus was magnified.

18 And many of those who had believed came, 1aconfessing and making known their 2practices.

19 And a considerable number of those who practiced magic brought their books together and 1burned them before all; and they counted up the price of them and found it to be fifty thousand 2pieces of silver.

20 1Thus, the word of the Lord agrew mightily and prevailed.

(4) Purposing to Go to Jerusalem and Rome

21 And when these things were fulfilled, Paul 1apurposed in his 2spirit to pass through bMacedonia and Achaia and 3go to cJerusalem, saying, After I have been there, I must also 4dsee Rome.

22 And having sent into Macedonia two of those who aserved him, bTimothy and 1Erastus, he himself 2stayed in Asia for a time.

(5) The Disturbance

(a) The Cause

23 And about that time no small adisturbance took place concerning the 1bWay.

24 For a certain man named 1Demetrius, a silversmith who 2made silver shrines of 3Artemis, afforded no little business to the craftsmen.

25 These he 1assembled together with the workmen of similar trades as well and said, 2Men, you know that from this business we have our aprosperity.

26 And you observe and hear that not only at Ephesus but in almost all of Asia this Paul has persuaded and perverted a considerable number, saying that the gods being made by ahands are no gods at all.

27 And not only is there danger that our trade will come into disrepute, but also that the temple of the agreat goddess Artemis will be counted as nothing and that the magnificence of her whom the whole of Asia and the inhabited earth worships will also be overthrown.

28 And when they heard this, they became full of rage and began to cry out, saying, Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!

29 And the city was filled with confusion; and they rushed with one accord into the theater, seizing 1Gaius and aAristarchus of Macedonia, Paul's traveling bcompanions.

30 And when Paul intended to enter into the populace, the disciples would not allow him.

31 And some of the 1Asiarchs also, who were his friends, sent to him and entreated him not to venture into the theater himself.

32 So then some were acrying out one thing, and some another; for the assembly was in confusion, and the majority did not know for what cause they had come together.

33 And they drew 1Alexander out of the crowd, the Jews having pushed him forward; and Alexander, amotioning with his hand, wanted to make a defense to the populace.

34 But when they realized that he was a Jew, one voice arose from all for about two hours, crying out, aGreat is Artemis of the Ephesians!

(b) The Quieting

35 And the town clerk, having quieted the crowd, said, 1Men of Ephesus, which of you men is there then who does not know that the city of the Ephesians is the temple keeper of the great Artemis and of the image 2fallen from aZeus?

36 Since these things therefore cannot be disputed, you ought to be quiet and do nothing rash;

37 For you have brought forth these men who are neither temple arobbers nor blasphemers of our goddess.

38 If then Demetrius and the craftsmen with him have a matter against anyone, courts are being conducted and there are aproconsuls; let them bring charges against one another.

39 But if you seek after anything further, it shall be settled in the 1legal assembly.

40 For indeed we are in danger of being charged with ainsurrection for today's affair, since there is no reason for it; and with reference to it we will not be able to give an account concerning this disorderly gathering.

41 And when he had said these things, he 1dismissed the assembly.


c. Through Macedonia and Greece to Troas

1 And after the uproar had ceased, Paul, having sent for the disciples and having exhorted them, took leave of them and went off to go into 1aMacedonia.

2 And when he had passed through those parts and had exhorted them with many words, he came into Greece,

3 And spent 1three months there. And when a aplot was made against him by the bJews as he was about to set sail for Syria, he 2resolved to return through Macedonia.

4 And Sopater of Berea, the son of Pyrrhus, accompanied him, as well as aAristarchus and Secundus of the Thessalonians and 1Gaius of bDerbe and cTimothy and the Asians, dTychicus and eTrophimus.

5 These had gone on ahead and were waiting for us at Troas.

6 And we sailed away from aPhilippi after the days of bUnleavened Bread and in five days came to them in cTroas, where we spent seven days.

7 And on the 1afirst day of the week, when 2we gathered together to bbreak bread, Paul conversed with them since he was to go forth on the next day; and he extended his message until midnight.

8 And there were a considerable number of lamps in the aupper room where we were gathered together.

9 And a certain young man named Eutychus was sitting in the window and began to sink into deep sleep while Paul conversed longer; and when he had been overcome by sleep, he fell down from the third story and was taken up dead.

10 But Paul went down and fell aupon him, and embracing him, he said, Do not make a commotion, for his soul is in him.

11 And when he had gone up and abroken the bread and 1eaten and had spoken for a considerable time, until daybreak, he therefore went forth.

12 And they brought the boy alive and were comforted, and that not moderately.

d. To Miletus, Meeting with the Elders
of the Church in Ephesus

13 But we, going ahead onto the ship, set sail for Assos, from there intending to pick up Paul, for so he had arranged it, himself intending to go by foot.

14 And when he met us in Assos, we picked him up and came to Mitylene.

15 And sailing away from there, on the following day we arrived opposite Chios; and on the next day we put in at Samos. And on the day following we came to Miletus,

16 For Paul had decided to sail past Ephesus so that he might not have to spend time in Asia; for he was hurrying so that if possible he might be in aJerusalem on the 1day of bPentecost.

17 And from Miletus he sent word to Ephesus and called for the aelders of the bchurch.

18 And when they came to him, he said to them, You yourselves know, from the first day that I set foot in aAsia, bhow I was with you all the time,

19 aServing the Lord as a slave with all bhumility and ctears and dtrials which came upon me by the eplots of the Jews;

20 How I did not awithhold any of those things that are profitable by not declaring them to you and by not teaching you publicly and from bhouse to house,

21 Solemnly atestifying both to Jews and to bGreeks crepentance unto God and dfaith 1in our Lord 2Jesus.

22 And now, behold, I am going 1bound in the 2spirit to aJerusalem, not knowing what will meet me 3there,

23 1Except that the Holy aSpirit solemnly testifies to me in city after city, saying that bbonds and cafflictions await me.

24 But I 1consider my 2alife of no account as if precious to myself, in order that I may finish my bcourse and the cministry which I have received from the Lord Jesus to solemnly dtestify of the egospel of the fgrace of God.

25 And now, behold, I know that you all, among whom I have gone about proclaiming the 1akingdom, will see my bface 2no more.

26 Therefore I testify to you 1on athis day that 2I am clean from the bblood of all men,

27 For I did not ashrink from declaring to you all the bcounsel of God.

28 aTake heed to yourselves and to all the 1bflock, among whom the Holy 2cSpirit has dplaced you as 3eoverseers to 4fshepherd the gchurch of God, which He hobtained through 5His own iblood.

29 I know that after my departure fierce awolves will come in among you, not 1sparing the flock.

30 And from among you yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverted things to 1adraw away the disciples after them.

31 Therefore awatch, remembering that for bthree years, night and day, I did not cease admonishing each one with ctears.

32 And now I acommit you to 1God and to the word of His 2bgrace, which is able to cbuild you up and to give you the 3dinheritance among all those who have been 4esanctified.

33 I have acoveted no one's silver or gold or clothing.

34 You yourselves know that these 1ahands have ministered to my needs and to those who are with me.

35 In all things I have shown you by example that atoiling in this way we ought to support 1the bweak and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, 2It is more blessed to cgive than to receive.

36 And when he had said these things, he aknelt down with them all and prayed.

37 And there was considerable weeping by all; and afalling on Paul's neck, they kissed him affectionately,

38 Especially pained over the word which he had spoken, that they would no longer behold his aface. And they bescorted him to the ship.


e. To Tyre

1 And when we parted from them and set sail, we took a straight course and came to Cos, and on the next day to Rhodes, and from there to Patara.

2 And having found a ship crossing over to Phoenicia, we went on board and set sail.

3 And when we sighted aCyprus and left it on the left, we sailed to bSyria and came down to Tyre; for there the ship was to unload its cargo.

4 And when we had sought out the disciples, we remained there seven days. These 1told Paul through the aSpirit bnot to set foot in cJerusalem.

5 And when we completed the days, we went forth and went on our way, with all of them, including the women and children, aescorting us until we were outside the city. And when we had bknelt down on the beach and prayed,

6 We took leave of one another and went on board the ship; and they returned home.

f. To Ptolemais

7 And when we finished the voyage from Tyre, we arrived at Ptolemais; and we greeted the abrothers and remained with them one day.

g. To Caesarea

8 And on the next day we went forth and came to aCaesarea; and entering into the 1house of bPhilip the cevangelist, who was one of the dseven, we remained with him.

9 Now this man had four virgin daughters who aprophesied.

10 And while we remained there many days, a certain prophet named aAgabus came down from Judea.

11 And he came to us and took Paul's abelt; and having bound his own feet and hands, he said, Thus 1says the Holy Spirit, In this way will the Jews in Jerusalem bbind the man whose belt this is and cdeliver him into the hands of the Gentiles.

12 And when we heard these things, both 1we and those in that place entreated him anot to bgo up to Jerusalem.

13 Then Paul answered, What are you doing, weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be bound, but also to adie in Jerusalem for the bname of the Lord Jesus.

14 And since he would not be persuaded, we became silent, saying, The awill of the Lord be done.

h. To Jerusalem, Ending the Third Journey

15 And after these days we gathered our baggage and went up to aJerusalem.

16 And some of the disciples from aCaesarea also went with us, bringing us to a certain Mnason of bCyprus, an early disciple, with whom we were to 1lodge.