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Acts 15:22Acts 15:34

b. The Solution

22 It then seemed good to the apostles and the elders with the whole achurch to choose men from among them to send to Antioch together with Paul and Barnabas: Judas, who is called bBarsabbas, and cSilas, leading men among the brothers,

23 Writing to them and sending by their hand the following: The apostles and the elder brothers, to the abrothers throughout Antioch and bSyria and Cilicia who are of the Gentiles, rejoice.

24 Since we have heard that certain ones who went out from among us have atroubled you with their words, unsettling your souls, to whom we gave no instruction,

25 It seemed good to us, having become of aone accord, to choose men to send to you together with our bbeloved Barnabas and Paul,

26 Men who have 1risked their 2alives for the bname of our Lord Jesus Christ.

27 Therefore we have sent Judas and aSilas, who themselves will report the same things by word of mouth.

28 For it seemed good to the Holy aSpirit and to us to lay upon you no greater bburden than these necessary things:

29 To abstain from things that have been sacrificed to aidols and blood and things strangled and fornication, from which if you carefully keep yourselves, you will do well. May you be strong.

30 So when they had been sent away, they went down to Antioch; and when they had gathered the multitude together, they handed them the letter.

31 And when they read it, they rejoiced at the encouragement.

32 And Judas and Silas, also being 1aprophets themselves, exhorted the brothers through much speaking and bconfirmed them.

33 And when they had spent some time there, they were sent away with apeace from the brothers to those who had sent them.

34 1But it seemed good to Silas to remain there.