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Acts Outline
Acts 2:1 Acts 2:4


III. The Propagation

A. In the Jewish Land through the Ministry of Peter's Company

1. The Jewish Believers' Baptism in the Holy Spirit

a. The Economical Filling of the Holy Spirit

1 And as the day of 1aPentecost was being fulfilled, they were all together in the same place.

2 And suddenly there was a sound out of heaven, as of a rushing violent 1awind, and it 2bfilled the whole house where they were sitting.

3 And there appeared to them 1tongues as of 2fire, which were distributed; and it 3sat on each one of them;

4 And they were 1all 2filled with the Holy Spirit and began to aspeak in different 3btongues, even as the cSpirit gave to them to 4speak forth.