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Matthew 11:7Matthew 11:15

2. Appraising His Forerunner

7 And as these went away, Jesus began to 1say to the crowds concerning John, What did you go out into the awilderness to 2look at? A 3breed shaken by the wind?

8 But what did you go out to 1see? A 2man arrayed in soft aclothing? Behold, those who wear soft clothing are in the houses of kings.

9 But why did you go out? To see a aprophet? Yes, I say to you, and 1much more than a prophet.

10 This is he concerning whom it is written, a"Behold, I send My messenger before Your face, who will prepare Your way before You.''

11 Truly I say to you, Among those born of women there has not arisen one greater than John the Baptist, yet he who is 1least 2in the kingdom of the heavens is greater than he.

12 But from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of the heavens is taken by 1aviolence, and violent men seize it.

13 For all the aprophets and the law prophesied 1until John;

14 And if you are willing to receive 1it, he is 2aElijah, who is to come.

15 He who has aears to hear, let him hear.