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Luke 23:44Luke 23:49

2. Suffering the Judgment of God for Sinners
to Accomplish a Vicarious Death for Them

44 And it was now about the 1asixth hour, and bdarkness fell over the whole land until the ninth hour,

45 1The sun's light failing; and the 2aveil of the temple was split down the middle.

46 And crying with a aloud voice, Jesus said, Father, into Your hands 1I bcommit My spirit. And saying this, He expired.

47 Now when the acenturion saw what had happened, he bglorified God, saying, Certainly this man was crighteous.

48 And all the crowds who came together at this spectacle, when they beheld the things that happened, returned, beating their abreasts.

49 And all those who aknew Him, and the bwomen who accompanied Him from Galilee, stood at a cdistance, observing these things.